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. neosporin. if youthen this willbrids arbe a nice surprise. meet the 5-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max come. c-max go. c-max give a ride to everyone it knows. c max has more passenger volume than competitor prius v and we haven't even mentioned... c-max also gets better mpg. say hi to the super fuel efficient ford c-max hybrid. >>> done. guess who i voted for? >> in the spotlight tonight, colbert for congress. tonight, elizabeth colbert busch easily won in the first district special primary. her brother, stephen colbert, says he will do what he can to help his big sister win the general election. >> she's my sister. >> right. >> and i'm willing to, you know, break the jewel of my own creation to try to do something for her. like i'm not worried what it would do to me or my show to try to help her as myself, not as my character but as myself. you know, if people don't think that's the right thing to do, i don't care, it is my sister and i'm willing to help her. >> south carolina still hasn't decided who colbert busch's opponent will be. the field will be whittled down from 16 conten
lady betty ford and horse racing leading female jockey julie krone. >> we will be right back. if you like shrimp, then you're going to love sizzler's shrimp combos starting at just $9.99! four kinds of shrimp, seasoned just right and served in three new combinations. at sizzler! can ben the wheorst part. my medicedine alone doesn'est always give me all the t congestion relief i need to sleep. [ fem fale ane nouncer ] adding inbreathe right nasnal strips can camake all the differ. it'is proven to tinstantly relieve cold ord flu nasal congestio. [ stefstan ] ]and bed cause it's drug free, it's s'safe toe use with anh medicine to rel rieve vemy nighttime stuffy nose. so i c ian bre bathe better and sleep better. [ fem fale ane nouncer ] go to for fospecial offers. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ ma
the president in the council of foreign relations richard haass and former democratic congressman harold ford jr. >> what's going on? >> oh, we have more. >> i know. >> i saved the best for last. >> thanks a lot, mika. >> and what is richard haass? >> and we've got david ignatius coming up, as well. >> fantastic. >> yes, it is fantastic. >> all right. what do we have in news? >> hi, harold, how are you doing? what's going on? >> oh, really? >> who are you picking in march madness? >> it hurts me to say this because i'm a michigan man, but ohio state is playing extraordinarily well. i've got michigan state. >> do we have a story on cypress? or can i make chitchat with haass. >> if you have a few more, thad be good. >> what about cypress, richard haass, isn't that something? >> it is astrange approach to economic policy. turns out, it's the willie sutton approach to dealing with the european economic crisis. one of the few places they have any resources. anything that approaches the scale of what they need. and it makes no sense and it's not going to last. >> very good. >> this is interesting. fre
admire henry ford who brought scale to automobile manufacturing and we should bring scale to education. >> is there a replacement for conventional high education or a complement to that? >> right now we're really focusing on access. bring higher education to high school student and bring a.p.-like classes and we signed 50 oakland students up to students that never would have had access and it will level the playing field, people of color and economic disadvantage have access to so eventually i think it's going to be a pillar of higher education that people will use because it's more flexible and less expensive and reaches more people. >> let me break in. we eel take a quick commercial break and be back with more from sebastian thrun of udacity in just a second. . >>> welcome back to press. ier. i'm scott mcgrew. we're talking with sebastian thrun of udacity and google. the taxi drivers responded to google negatively and college professors are feeling same similar threatened by online courses. i could teach as college professors 100 or 200 kids. can you take it over and teach tens of th
inflation coming down. they can ford to cut so she can be all dovish. the markets won't mind that at fist. but a year out, i think the markets might be more skeptical about. >> tell us what's happening in russia generally now. what kind of condition is it in? >> it's going to best unrecognized credit boom going on in the world today. everything is loving thailand, indonesia, philippines, but it's happening in russia, too. it's been happening for two years. they have a current account surplus. they can afford this credit boom. inflation we think will turn in the summer. so there's no problem on the inflation side, too. growth is going to come back stronger in the second half, anyway. whoever is at the central bank. so we're not convinced they need to be taking a more dovish stance. >> if it becomes clear that russia's economy is doing well, that it doesn't necessarily need or should want rate cuts, how much pressure will she really be under to cut rates? i guess what i'm saying is it almost describes what you're describing as a win-win. putin is pretty happy or it doesn't do well and so th
. if youthen this willbrids arbe a nice surprise. meet the 5-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max come. c-max go. c-max give a ride to everyone it knows. c max has more passenger volume than competitor prius v and we haven't even mentioned... c-max also gets better mpg. say hi to the super fuel efficient ford c-max hybrid. a hairline fracture to the mandible and contusions to the metacarpus. what do you see? um, i see a duck. be more specific. i see the aflac duck. i see the aflac duck out of work and not making any money. i see him moving in with his parents and selling bootleg dvds out of the back of a van. dude, that's your life. remember, aflac will give him cash to help cover his rent, car paymen and keep everything as normal as possible. i see lunch. [ monitor beeping ] let's move on. [ male announcer ] find out what a hospital stay could really cost you at 14 clubs. that's what they tell us a legal golf bag can hold. and while that leaves a lite room for balls and tees, it doesn't leave room for much else. there's no room left for deadlines or conference calls. not a single poc
. invest in companies like googles and we talk about ford. companies that will grow over the next three to five years. put your positions in now or at least half positions and you get a pullback, you made more. if not, you're not in the game. you're not going to win. people need to understand that you can hide and try to play it but the average investor never makes money because they are always on the other side. >> tim, do you agree with that? >> time in the market is a fool's iron and to the other guest's point we're at 14,000 and change but we've gone sideways for 13 years so i think you can get too caught up in absolute price so we're doing what we always do and focus on fundamentals and companies with a competitive advantage but more domestic facing and orientated toward housing and consumer finance. finance is the one major sector nowhere near a five-year high or all-time high where we see fantastic value especially as the economy comes back and as a consumer and housing continue to come back. you focus on stocks and not the stock market. >> let's focus on a couple stock picks. on
that they insure. boeing, ford, general motors will be forced to contribute up to $25 billion. boeing estimates it will have to pay the fee for about 400,000 workers it will cost them about $25 million next year. that is what happens when you pass a bill before you actually find out what is in it. ♪ ♪ charles: breaking news, consumer sentiment coming in at the lower than expected number. that is the lowest since december of 2011. now a news alert, the federal reserve is out from its latest round. it will allow jpmorgan and goldman sachs to have any buybacks that they have requested. it is not that they are obligated, when they are in trouble, they dig into our pockets. it does not seem like a symbiotic relationship. >> we want the banks to thrive. charles: that is the point. they are not loaning to people. >> why are you outraged just because of this news? they are subsidized by the government on a daily basis. the banks are subsidized. charles: people watching the show are offended. there are people out there who want to start a small business and want to buy a house. you just can't do it.
home? >> you don't have to live in the terrain. >> i lived in a ford fairmont. you save a lot on a homeowners insurance. other than that, i'd rather be in a toll. david novak lived in his car. >> as did you. >> with norman. >> norman was the most -- he was completely asexual. he wasn't exactly what you paid for. okay? >> no norman juniors. >> you turn on the barry white or nothing? nothing worked? >> norman had the least drive of anyone i had ever seen. this is like the luxury index. he was the lowest cost rental. it's true, david, you get what you pay for. i mean this guy could not have been less interested in fine touch or ambush, the two i thought maybe he would have a good time with. >> fine touch. >> and ambush. >>> here comes the mad dash. find out if things are worth your money. another look at futures as we attempt to extend our winning streak. right now the dow is up 27. more "squawk on the street" straight ahead. with fidelity's new options platform, we've completely integrated every step of the process, making it easier to try filters and strategies... to get a list
's first female house speaker. others being honored include former first lady betty ford and horse racing's leading female jockey julie krone. from beautyrest40% and posturepedic.ets save hundreds on floor samples and closeout inventory. but hurry, the beautyrest and posturepedic closeout sale ends soon at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> new this morning how that is recalling nearly 250,000 vehicles in the u.s., japan and several other countries because they're breaking had suddenly kick in unexpectedly. some of the models affected are the acura are al and beat in the ax models and the honda pilot. there were all made from 2004 and march through may 2006. honda says no accidents have been blamed on the problem. >> androids first loss at google is stepping down, and be rubin. he is androids co- founder and in charge of global mobile and digital content. google says he will have a new role in the company. rubin went to google as part of the company's purchase of android in 2003. his replacement will be sundar pichai the ipad of google chrome and apps. >> they w
a nice surprise. meet the 5-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max come. c-max go. c-max give a ride to everyone it knows. c max has more passenger volume than competitor prius v and we haven't even mentioned... c-max also gets better mpg. say hi to the super fuel efficient ford c-max hybrid. >>> talk back question of the day, and it's at a hot one. we have 300 comments already. the question for you this morning, will the newtown death photos force lawmakers to enact new gun laws? this from dennis, "perhaps, but i'm in the sure those photos should be in the public domain. i personally don't think i could bar to look at them." and charles says, "pictures like that need not be sthoun to the public." glen says, "nope, we love guns in this country and we have accepted the heartbreak and misery that gun violence causes. to be an american means you are willing to accept the death of a loved one to keep the price of guns going." or tweet me @carolcnn. thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clin
former first lady betty ford and horse racing's leading female jockey julie krone. >> pepsi is changing the recipe for gatorade after a mississippi team made it permission to get rid of promenaded vegetable oil. the oil issues to distribute flavor evenly throughout the drink. the girls on my petition through more than to launch a thousand signatures. brominate vegetable oil is classified as generally recognized as safe by the fda. >> the fda is morning paces about the use of popular antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections. >> it is called zithro max . it is sold in was called a z-pack. the d f eight says it can used abnormal and even fatal heart rhythms. the warning was issued after two different studies were reviewed. people of low blood levels of the tacit or magnesium are the higher risk. the makers of the drugs that most patients to use the antibiotic are not affected. >> we will be back with more on the kron 4 morning news. thyou eat weiyou lose it's a great plan... until you get hungry. that's the time to take slimful. one tasty 90-calorie slimful and a
for the j.p. morgans of the ford. if you fear cyprus, why where will you go? geneva, london or new york? >> it went to 38 last week. i thought it should be at 36. banco santander. those are the natural runs and we always hear about that, look, you can craft any negative scenario you want. last may, we thought the spanish banks would go under, okay? i was speaking to you during the break. what was the single best investment after last may? what was the single best thing to buy? banco santander, but we forget that and we decide they're just a bunch of jockers again. let's start all over. francisco is still there. >> this will be a great test of the bull market run, won't it be, jim? you have the markets open and trading for the rest of the day. whether or not we bounce and whether or not the buyers will step into the weak, u.s. financial which is at pre-market trade are indicating more than 1% lower across the board. >> how can they be so aggressive. these things were up so huge last week and you buy them now and bernanke sneezes and you have the negative people who want this market down
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16